we all know this girl. love yourselves <3

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Anonymous asked: "hiya love! so i have arthritis in my left knee and it's difficult to do lunges, is there another way to get a more 'perk' defined bum? thanks!!!1"

Yeah there are a few things, squats and lunges are the classics but you can also do side kicks, hip extensions, basic bridge, kick backs, and side planks with leg raises. I really hope this helps, running, and hiking are also great ways to perk up your buum!

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gunzablazin asked: "do you know any like foods to eat to help get rid of cellulite? love your blog!"

There isn’t any diet that can get rid of cellulite but here are some foods and tips to help with fighting cellulite! 1. Stay hydrated - drink lots of water 2. Foods - Apples Brown rice Bulgur Celery Cucumber Grapes Kiwifruit Oatmeal Oranges Quinoa Papaya Popcorn Red bell peppers Tomatoes Watermelon Colorful veggies are great because they are loaded with vitamin c which are essential for preventing collagen break down. 3. Use lotions that help reduce the look of cellulite and also self tanners can help conceal bumps by evening out your skin tone more, but make sure its lotions! Tanning beds are terrible.

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